Affordable Healthcare

Let the Healthcare Professionals Handle It For You

Have you ever had to turn down health care services because the price was simply too high? That is where the Sterling Medical Case Management program comes in to play. We are able to help you receive huge savings in health care costs. We can find discounts on any health care service that is not in a typical urgent care scope of service. Plus, it’s free for all members! Some examples are:

Hand Specialist Pulmonology Behavioral Health
MRI Rheumatology Bone Scan
Nephrology Sleep Study Cardiology
Neurologist Spine Specialist Chiropractor
OB/GYN Stress test Colonoscopy
Opthalmology Surgery Counseling
Orthopedic Tonsils CPAP
Pain Management Ultra Sound CT (Cat Scan)
Pediatric Specialists Urology Dermatology
Podiatry Vascular Specialist Ear, Nose, & Throat
Psychiatry Wound Care Foot and Ankle
Physical Therapy null General Surgery

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