Sterling Occupational Health: The Health Benefit Created by Business Owners to Meet Business Needs

“In our first six months with Sterling Medical, we saved over $100,000 in costs both to our team members and to ourselves as a company.”

Dave Jenkins

CEO, Conservice

The Employee Benefit You Need, Created by Employers Who Understand

The employee benefit program from Sterling Medical was created by business owners, not insurance companies. We looked at the challenges we faced in benefits administration, and the challenges our employees faced as their health costs continued to rise, even with health insurance plans. We knew there had to be a better way, so we created Sterling Medical, an employee benefit that fills the gaps between health insurance, worker’s compensation and the realities that business owners and employees face in health care.

Over the past five years, thousands of employees from dozens of businesses have seen the real benefits Sterling Medical provides. We have managed more than $87 million in claims and  saved countless hours that would have been spent filing forms and advocating for treatment. Our size and experience gives our clients and their workers quick, reliable access to quality care with full documentation and followup.

How This Benefits Your Employees:

  • Lower costs out of pocket per visit
  • Quality personal service
  • Immediate access to our services
  • Leaving happier and healther to get back to work
  • Our employees work around your employee’s schedule


How This Benefits You:

  • Lower overall annual costs
  • More productivity in the workforce
  • Fewer claims sent to your insurance company
  • On-site drug screenings, flu vaccinations and clinics for your business

Employers balance between rising healthcare costs and employee benefits

But, you can offer both great benefits at an affordable price!

Many employers feel trapped with the increasing costs of healthcare. In order to curb the costs, they often offer high-deductible health insurance plans.

Yet, these plans are financially harder for employees.

And, employees often put off needed healthcare due to high deductibles.

Then, they get everything done in one year- which only increases your healthcare costs the next year.

Did you know?

Sterling Urgent Care offers a bridge to this problem!

You can offer affordable healthcare to your employees and eliminate the high deductible for most healthcare needs. At the same time, it won’t cost you much in benefit expense!

“If you want transparency and control of healthcare, then you must own it.”

Scott Brown

CEO, Sterling Medical

The Impact Of Choosing Sterling

By providing Sterling’s benefits to employees, companies will see an annual reduction in healthcare costs. As employees utilize Sterling Urgent Care clinics, fewer claims are made to insurance companies, annually reducing costs for employers.

Sterling is the answer that employers are desperately seeking. It is possible to offer healthcare that their employees will love, and reduce healthcare expenses. Sterling gives companies long-term sustainability in terms of healthcare expenses while providing employees lower out-of-pocket costs.

Our office visits are covered under a fixed, low-cost monthly fee with no maximum or minimum visit requirement. Patients only pay for services they receive, such as labs and x-rays, at an extremely low cost, fixed rate as well.

How Does Improved Benefits Result In Reduced Costs?

As your employees utilize Sterling Urgent Care services, fewer claims are billed to the insurance company. Annual healthcare costs for employers decrease.

Knowing that their healthcare concerns can be addressed at little to no cost to them, employees are more likely to address their needs at the beginning, and their health issues are less likely to progress.

Employees are given immediate access to healthcare that they can afford to use, resulting in healthier employees.

As employee health improves, so does overall productivity. Healthy employees are happy employees.

What Makes Sterling Different?

Our patients can have peace of mind knowing that their healthcare is affordable and accessible. Sterling’s caring and professional providers will assess and meet all of their needs/concerns.

Our clinics have fully functioning labs, x-ray equipment, and pharmacies. This way, Sterling Urgent Care clinics can be the central hub for all of your employees needs.

The more that Sterling can treat, the less is submitted to insurances; saving your company money annually.

Sterling Urgent Care clinics are walk-in clinics that offer extended hours of operation; having been designed to meet the needs of working individuals. Patients have access to providers as needed, scheduling us when it works best for them, not vise-versa. Without rigid schedules, our providers can delegate their own time to meet the needs of each individual patient.

If a service is needed for an entire company (random drug screenings, flu vaccinations, etc.) our skilled team can come onsite to your business to perform services. Sterling truly was designed with employers and patients at the forefront.

Sterling Occupational Medicine

Sterling Urgent Care offers healthcare that focuses on the patient and employer. Sterling was created by businesses for businesses.

We understand not only the employers need for low cost, effective healthcare but also their occupational medical needs. Sterling Urgent Care has an incredible staff fully trained in all occupational medical services.

We support all necessary state and federal guidelines including OSHA, ADA, and DOT. See a more comprehensive list of services below:

  • Worker’s Compensation
    • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Injury Management & Urgent Care
    • Case Management​​
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Industrial Screenings and Employment Physicals
    • DOT Drug Screens & Physical
  • Workplace Wellness Programs


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