In-House Labs

Sterling Urgent Care offers a wide variety of lab tests that are done right in the clinic. You’ll have your results and a thorough action plan before you leave the clinic! Plus, it’s only $15 per test with our membership.

Walk-In Clinic Lab Services in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming at Sterling Urgent Care

Walk-in clinic lab services in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming are as close as your nearest Sterling Urgent Care. With a Sterling Membership, tests are only $15.

We provide a wide variety of lab tests on site, including pregnancy tests, lipid panels, metabolic panels and drug and alcohol screening on site at our urgent care clinics in Idaho, Utah or Wyoming. Walk-ins are always welcome, or you can schedule lab tests at a time convenient to you.

Lab test results can be delivered through our Secure Patient Portal, allowing you to get health information at home, at work or on the go. Sign up for a Sterling Membership, and lab tests are just $15 with no monthly limit to the number of tests.

All of the following lab services are available at all Sterling Urgent Care Clinic in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming:

In-House Lab Definition
A1C Hemoglobin
BAT Breath Alcohol Test
CBC Complete Blood Count
CMP Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Dipstick Urine Dipstick
Drug Test Urine Drug Screen
ESR/SED Rate Erthrocyte Sedimentation Rate
Flu/RIDTs Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Tests
Free T4 Free Thyroxine
H Pylori H Pylori
Lipid Lipid Panel
Mono Mononucleosis
Pregnancy Urine Pregnancy Test
PSA Prostate-specific antigen
PT/INR Prothrombin Time
RST Rapid Strep Test
RSV Respiratory Syncytial Virus
Testosterone Testosterone
TSH Thyroid Simulating Hormone