Manage family expenses with affordable health care for Idaho, Utah and Wyoming

With prices rising, you need affordable adult and pediatric health care more than ever. We created the Sterling Membership to deliver high-quality and affordable health care in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.

With a Sterling Membership, you get:

  • Unlimited, FREE visits with our providers
  • $15 Lab work
  • $15 X-Rays
  • $10 Prescriptions*

How Does Sterling Membership make health care affordable?

Sterling Membership is not an insurance policy or a Direct Primary Care plan. Our plan uses the combined buying power of thousands of patients to lower costs for everyone. Your low monthly payments, just $60 for individuals and $120 for a family of 4, provide access to Sterling Urgent Care services at our growing network of clinics in Wyoming, Idaho and Utah.

As a Sterling Member, you simply walk in and get great, affordable health care. There are no charges for most services, and nominal charges for X-Rays, lab work and prescriptions. If your family visits a Sterling Urgent Care clinic just twice in one year, your Sterling Membership will pay for itself.

Help for High Insurance Deductibles

If your family insurance plan carries a high deductible, Sterling Membership will save you money and help you balance the family budget.

  • No co-pays
  • No surprise bills or unexpected costs
  • No exclusions

If you have a Sterling Membership and you visit a Sterling Urgent Care clinic, that visit is free. Always. No matter how often your family needs us. The tables below show how much a Sterling Membership can save, compared with other providers. Remember, if you have a high-deductible family insurance plan, you will pay those costs out of pocket until your deductible kicks in.

*In Utah, $10 prescriptions are only available if you enroll in a Sterling Membership provided by an employer. We work with our family membership patients to keep prescription costs low. Please call us at 1-844-523-9111 to learn more about prescription prices in Utah.

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If you visit Sterling Urgent Care just twice in one year, a Sterling Membership can pay for itself.

CALL US NOW TO REGISTER: 1-844-523-9111

Affordable Health Care, Predictable Costs

When you sign up for a Sterling Membership, you pay a low monthly membership fee.


Individual Membership


Family Membership (Up to 4)


Each Additional Child

You get unlimited access to our Urgent Care clinics in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming with zero-cost office visits and low fixed costs for services.






*$10 prescriptions are only available in Utah for those enrolled in a Sterling Urgent Care membership through their employer.

You get unlimited access to our Urgent Care clinics with $0 co-pay as a Sterling Member.

CALL US NOW TO REGISTER: 1-844-523-9111

Compare the savings you get as a Sterling Member

Source: Franklin Trust Ratings

Broken Finger - Save $823.00

Competitors: $838.00

  • $380.00 Office Visit
  • $285.00 X-Ray Hand, 2 Views
  • $56.00 Splint
  • $62.00 Supplies
  • $55.00 Finger Splint Tech

Sterling Members: $15

  • No Charge Office Visit
  • $15.00 X-Ray Hand, 2 Views
  • No Charge Splint
  • No Charge Supplies
  • No Charge Finger Splint Tech


Hand Laceration - Save $750.00

Competitors: $765.00

  • $380.00 Office Visit
  • $300.00 Laceration Repair
  • $85.00 Supplies

Sterling Members: $0

  • No Charge Office Visit
  • No Charge Laceration Repair
  • No Charge Supplies

Cough - Save $251.00

Competitors: $261.00

  • $239.00 Office Visit
  • $22.00 Medication

Sterling Members: $10.00

  • No Charge Office Visit
  • $10.00 Medication

Flu - Save $551.00

Competitors: $566.00

  • $304.00 Office Visit
  • $262.00 Lab Test

Sterling Members: $15.00

  • No Charge Office Visit
  • $15.00 Lab Test

Member fees for labs, X-Rays and medication never increase, no matter how often you need them.

How does it work?

A Sterling Membership uses the collective power of every individual member’s contributions over time to pay for the health care you need today. Your unlimited access to our Urgent Care centers is guaranteed, and your Membership Fees will not increase if you use our clinics frequently. A Sterling Membership is a direct primary care program offering an affordable solution with predictable costs, so you never need to balance your family’s health needs against your family budget.


Call us at 1-844-523-9111 to learn more.

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